Maylands Waterland

Maylands Waterland

Waterland fort
Waterland custom spider
Waterland climbing frame

Wet and wild wonderland

Perth’s historic Maylands Waterland has been revamped into an award-winning multi-facility splash park playground on the iconic Swan River foreshore. Beneath the shade of mature eucalypts and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, Waterland is loaded with nature-inspired water and custom sculptural play features, offering the perfect setting for a family day out.    

Working closely with our client MG Group, the Van Ryt team were engaged to supply and install a range of custom timber and steel play elements, including custom junior play structure, spider tunnel, angled play structure, and log scrambler.  

It was a tricky project thanks to some tight deadlines with complex custom build fabrication lead times originally being overlooked. However, once engaged, our team managed to develop engineered shop drawings before constructing the equipment efficiently within our O’Connor factory. This led to the play equipment being installed well within the deadline and, importantly, a satisfied client and happy community.  

Since opening in 2021, Maylands Waterland has won two AILA Landscape Architecture Awards, including:  

  • Playspace Award (2023)  
  • ShadeSmart Cross Category Award (2023) 

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